by Moluk


Does your kid crave movement or enjoy dramatic play? This award-winning, iconic shell shaped toy will have them spinning, balancing and rocking their way through the day. Bilibo encourages open ended play, as it engages the imagination and becomes whatever your kid desires - a hat, a bucket, an animal.... Take it to the beach, the snow or to Grandma’s house. 


2 - 8

Great for kids who

  • Are active
  • Like physical activities
  • Have high energy levels - calming input
  • Have low energy levels - alerting input


  • Goals of therapy
  • Gross motor skills
  • Motor planning
  • Core stability
  • Independent play
  • Concentration
  • Calmer, happier kid


  • Before school
  • After school
  • Weekend
  • Weekday
  • School holidays
  • You’re cooking dinner
  • You’re on the phone
  • You’ve got a deadline
  • You’re visiting family
  • You’re travelling