Play Foam

by Educational Insights


Truly genius! There is no right or wrong way to play with this non-toxic, reusable sensory material. With no prep it's great for busy parents. Your little maker will have unlimited fun as they shape and mould just about anything.


8 pods of play foam in assorted colours



Great for kids who

  • Enjoy messy play
  • Enjoy art and craft
  • Are difficult to engage
  • Have high energy levels - calming input
  • Have low energy levels - alerting input


  • Creativity
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand muscle strength
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Goals of therapy
  • Confidence
  • Independent play


  • You’re cooking dinner
  • You’re in the car
  • You’re on the phone
  • You’ve got a deadline
  • You’re visiting family
  • You’re eating out
  • You’re travelling
  • After school
  • Weekend
  • Weekday
  • School Holidays