Spot the Lot

by Lonely Planet Kids


Introducing I spy and a whole lot more! This activity book takes a playful look at twenty different places your little explorer may go on a journey. Perfect for kids who need a little extra mental stimulation, the delightful illustrations invite your kid to sketch, colour and search and find. You can even keep score.



  • 1 activity book



5 +


Great for kids who

  • Need to be challenged
  • Like a lot of choice
  • Like to draw/sketch


  • Observation skills
  • Visual discrimination skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Literacy skills 
  • Attention
  • Task persistence
  • Confidence



  • You’re cooking dinner
  • You’re running errands 
  • You’re in the car
  • You’re on the phone
  • You’re cooking 
  • You’ve got a deadline
  • You’re visiting family
  • You’re eating out
  • You’re travelling 
  • School holidays
  • Weekend 
  • Before school
  • After school