About us

For some kids, a toy is not just a toy. And for some parents, shopping for a toy is not that simple. We understand because we’ve been that parent standing in front of the toy aisle, wondering all possible reactions our children would have to each one and having a hard time deciding. So we took action and decided to re-invent the experience by creating our own play strategies and toy adaptations.  

Choose Play is so much more than an online toy store. At Choose Play you will find not only a great selection of products, but –more importantly- we will listen to you and work together so we can cater to your child’s needs and create positive solutions to help your family thrive. You know your children better than anyone else and we can only suggest activities or toys based on your experience and knowledge. That’s why we’ve whole-heartedly adopted the slogan “We Are Listening”.

Our store is very special, because it offers you the chance to choose the right toy based on your kids' individual needs, focusing on the outcomes of play. Some of the most common challenges we help parents and teachers manage are:

  • Activity levels
  • Attention
  • Behaviour
  • Emotions

    THE FOUNDER - Michelle Knuckey

    I was born in Tasmania, grew up in Western Australia, and now call South Australia home. I worked as a Registered Nurse for many years, specialising in Cardiac Nursing. This incredible vocation took me to remote parts of Western Australia, Sydney and even to West Africa. I have also worked as an English Second Language teacher, during which time I had the privilege of teaching people from around the world. This experience helped me to learn about many diverse cultures and world views.

    I am a passionate advocate of early intervention for children. Out of my own experience as a Mother of two, I became very interested in the outcomes of play. I started researching the topic more and more. Soon, parents around me began noticing and asking me about my positive parenting strategies as well as my activity ideas and "recipes" for play. Over time, I have developed, tried and tested tips and tricks that can be adapted to suit kids with different strengths and challenges. I'm now very excited to share all of these insights with you through Choose Play.


    Loose Parts Play

    Loose Parts Play

    Allowing children to enjoy unstructured play without adult direction is important for them to thrive. So how do we keep them engaged, safe and focussed if we’re not involved?
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