Spoolz by Fat Brain Toy Co

by Fat Brain Toy Co


Are you looking for safe options for ‘loose parts play’ for your baby or toddler? Offering tactile exploration and infinite creative play Spoolz by Fat Brain Toy Co are soft to touch and brightly coloured as well as perfect for rolling, racing, stacking and balancing.



  • 7 BPA free spoolz



10 months - 3 years 


Great for kids who

  • Love construction play
  • Enjoy open ended play
  • Are easily distracted 
  • Get bored easily 
  • Like a challenge 


  • Motor skills
  • Spatial reasoning 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Independent play
  • Concentration
  • Confidence 


  • Weekend
  • Weekday
  • Morning 
  • Afternoon
  • You’re cooking dinner
  • You’re on the phone
  • You’ve got a deadline