Spot the Lot by Lonely Planet Kids

by Lonely Planet Kids


I spy and a whole lot more! Spot the Lot by Lonely Planet Kids with it's delightful illustrations invites your kid to sketch, colour, search and find their way around 20 places they may go on a journey. Perfect for kids who are looking for mental stimulation. They can even keep score. Develops observation and drawing skills.



  • 1 activity book



5 +


Great for kids who

  • Need to be challenged
  • Like a lot of choice
  • Like to draw/sketch


  • Observation skills
  • Visual discrimination skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Literacy skills 
  • Attention
  • Task persistence
  • Confidence



  • You’re cooking dinner
  • You’re running errands 
  • You’re in the car
  • You’re on the phone
  • You’re cooking 
  • You’ve got a deadline
  • You’re visiting family
  • You’re eating out
  • You’re travelling 
  • School holidays
  • Weekend 
  • Before school
  • After school