Set of 3 Hand Exerciser Stress Eggs

by Kaiko Fidgets


These Set of 3 Hand Exerciser Stress Eggs can be used to work on hand strength and function, but are also useful as a sensory tool. They make a great fidget, and help with emotional regulation. Made of TPR, they're strong and solid with a textured finish, but at the same time they have a squishy feel. 3 different strengths  - yellow(soft), medium(red) & firm(blue). You'll love the ergonomic shape! 



  • 1 yellow/soft egg

  •  1 red/medium egg

  •  1 blue/firm egg





Great for kids who

  • Are working on hand strength & function
  • Experience sensory overload 
  • Have sensory processing disorder
  • Benefit from sensory diet activities 
  • Are sensory seekers
  • Are easily distracted 
  • Listen best when able to fidget 



  • Hand strength & function
  • Goals of therapy
  • Self regulation
  • Concentration 



  • You’re running errands 
  • You’re in the car
  • You’re visiting family
  • You're eating out 
  • You're travelling  
  • Weekend
  • Weekday
  • School holidays